Hi, I’m Erik, founder of Rocky Mountain Guitar. Simply put, music matters and we are on a mission.  We are trying to empower people to inspire others through music.  


Translation: Colorado is incredible, right? Abundant with music:  festivals, open mic, church and campfires and all of that is even better when you know how to play.

Rocky Mountain Guitar is meant to be fun.


10 things you  didn’t know about me. 

  1. My dad gave me my first guitar shortly after my mom passed away.
  2. The song my son and I consider “our song” is Country Honk.
  3. The song my daughter and I consider “our song” is Ripple by The Grateful Dead.
  4. I received a vocal music award for Vocal Dimensions.
  5. The album I listen to non-stop is Exile on Main St. by The Rolling Stones.
  6. I’ll drop almost anything for a Phish show.
  7. I volunteer at Red Rocks Church by playing guitar in their Worship band.
  8. If I didn’t play guitar, I would be playing the violin.
  9. Some guys watch sports on Sundays, but I’d rather live stream music.
  10. I’ve lived in Colorado a year and still haven’t seen a show at Red Rocks. That’s hard to believe, I know.